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    The Thompson Rivers University Chinese Students & Scholars Association (TRUCSSA) is a prominent campus organization committed to promoting Chinese culture and facilitating scholarly exchanges between China and Canada.

    Established in 2002, TRUCSSA has played a vital role in enriching the cultural and academic experiences of its members. Despite its impactful presence, TRUCSSA’s previous websites have struggled to effectively serve its community and meet the organization’s functional needs.

    Seeking a comprehensive solution, TRUCSSA partnered with EArk Digital Marketing Agency to develop a website that truly serves its members and supports its mission.

    The Challenge

    TRUCSSA needed a website that could serve as the central hub for their organization, catering to multiple stakeholder groups and encompassing all aspects of their activities.

    The new website needed to stand out, projecting professionalism and legitimacy to earn the trust of its members and visitors.

    Previous iterations of the TRUCSSA website were poorly organized, with overly complex hierarchies that made navigation cumbersome and hindered the delivery of clear and straightforward information to users. This disorganization limited the website’s effectiveness and failed to meet the needs of the organization and its community.

    EArk Solution

    To address TRUCSSA’s needs, we designed a functional yet user-friendly website tailored to serve the diverse stakeholder groups within the organization. Our approach began with categorizing information based on the target audience. The website was divided into four main sections: information for future students, current students, graduates, and the general public. This clear segmentation ensured that each group could easily access relevant information.

    We collaborated with TRUCSSA to prioritize stakeholder groups, ensuring that the most critical ones were prominently featured in the top-level navigation bars. Information for other stakeholder groups was organized under the “General Public” section, streamlining navigation and improving user experience.

    The front page of the TRUCSSA website was developed to highlight essential updates such as announcements, news from TRUCSSA, and upcoming campus events. Recognizing the importance of safety topics, we incorporated a slider on the main page to feature current safety information prominently.

    Addressing TRUCSSA’s internal communication needs, we integrated their existing WeCom system with the website. This integration included a tool that allows the general public to search for work orders, directly linking to WeCom approvals and enhancing communication efficiency.


    Enhanced Cross-Platform User Experience

    Prior to EArk’s intervention, TRUCSSA’s website was not optimized for different screen sizes, leading to a subpar experience on mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. EArk ensured the new website provided a seamless and responsive user experience across all devices, enhancing accessibility and satisfaction for all users.


    Improved Search Engine Ranking

    We developed the website with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. By ensuring fast load times and implementing SEO best practices, we significantly boosted TRUCSSA’s search engine ranking. This improvement led to greater online visibility, increased traffic, and more attendees at TRUCSSA events. Additionally, the enhanced exposure helped TRUCSSA attract sponsors more easily. Previously, TRUCSSA had to actively seek out local sponsors, often receiving small donations. With the new website, sponsors now approach TRUCSSA, recognizing the organization’s heightened profile and reach.

    Increased Traffic by Over 200%

    EArk implemented advanced monitoring tools, enabling TRUCSSA to track and analyze its website traffic effectively. We also assisted with copywriting to ensure content was engaging and optimized for maximum traffic. These efforts resulted in a traffic increase of over 200%, significantly expanding TRUCSSA’s online presence and engagement.


    Through collaborative efforts with TRUCSSA, EArk Digital Marketing Agency successfully transformed its online presence.

    By addressing critical challenges with a tailored solution, we delivered a user-friendly website that enhances accessibility, engages stakeholders effectively, and strengthens TRUCSSA’s mission to foster cultural exchange and community engagement.

    The implementation of responsive design and SEO strategies not only improved user experience across devices but also significantly boosted search engine visibility, resulting in a substantial increase in website traffic and event attendance.

    The newfound online prominence has enabled TRUCSSA to attract sponsors effortlessly, marking a transformative shift in its operational capabilities. Moving forward, EArk remains committed to supporting TRUCSSA’s digital growth and continuing to drive its success in the digital landscape.

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